About Us

“Connecting Juan to Everyone” springs from the idea of giving US-based Filipino workers and migrants a place to connect, communicate, share and help.

This website is created for its ultimate goal of bridging the distance of over 8 million Filipinos outside the Philippines.

The name “Juan” is thoughtfully picked to represent every single Filipino. This term sounds like “One”, an English word that symbolizes the word “Unity”. This is a precise term to signify how we value solidarity amidst being million miles apart from our beloved country.

With its dedication to achieve unity among Overseas Filipinos, this portal opens a collaborative environment where everyone is given an equal chance to promote, to offer, share, negotiate anything significant to the Filipino community.

Here in “Connecting Juan to Everyone” we value your professional, technical, managerial talents and skills . Our goal is to provide an ideal platform with unique ideas and designs in accessible and convenient locations to provide satisfactory sales services made possible by our team.

Thus, if you are an entrepreneur, SMEs owner, a freelancer, professional, standalone businessman, organization or company that wishes to buy, sell, trade and offer services , then this is the right site for you.

We are true to our vision to become an accessible web page giving opportunity to all Filipinos to connect outside the Philippine homeland.



So, if you have been living outside the Philippines but needing to still get in touch with your fellow citizens, then, you got us! Connecting Juan to Everyone is a specially created avenue for every Filipino based in the United States.

This is a platform for a every significant “Pinoy” like you to grow professionally and financially.

Here at CJTE, we help you grow while helping your co-Filipinos.

So what keeps the wait? Grow with us and be an active factor in promoting unity amidst geographical diversity.



With CJTE, we will bring you closer to our hometown. We take pride in giving you an opportunity to showcase your professional, technical, vocational, managerial talents and skills as well as efficient services to the global market.

If you have something to offer to the worldwide marketplace such as real estate, automotive, jobs, and services, we are here to help you advertise what you got.

From finding doctors, nannies, drivers, plumbers down to tutors for their kids, name it, this website is an all-out access.

It is always the best feeling to feel like “home”.

Start growing your revenue while we do the job for you. Anything that you have in your sleeves that needs to be advertised, CTJE is a must-try.



At CJTE, we nurture the Filipino culture. CJTE stands for its core values in serving its valued clients:

C- commitment to serve the Filipino Community
J - just and fair advertising fees
T- time-bounded
E- excellent and result-driven services